The brand we created for Lifeline appeals to donors who want to be associated with a meaningful and sustainable movement. It accentuates the energy and vitality that Lifeline’s staff exudes, and the beauty and strength of the Malawian people.
Click here to see the brand book (pdf, 14.3MB).

Our research revealed that donorship increased when the giving amounts were variable and tailored specific disposable income amounts, and when the results of the giving were explicitly stated. We set up a user-friendly donation system, and programs like Sponsor a Nurse that communicate to the donor her real impact on the community.

Advert Campaign

Recognizing a diverse donor base, our advertising campaign for Lifeline included brochures and banners for live speaking events, website ads, email blasts, and lots of thought-provoking video.


We’re proud of the marked increase in donorship because of this campaign, and because of an increased understanding of donorship that we partnered with Lifeline to attain.