Purposeful Execution

At Neota Marketing, we focus on the content and the message,
then the functionality and user experience of our creations.

We make that happen first and let nice design happen as a result.

Market Research

We employ a market research approach that focuses on understanding an audience from their perspective rather than basing our research off of personal subjective assumptions and expectations. Our research process strives to involve methods that allow us to learn from those we are trying to understand, not just simple observations that can often lead to inaccurate conclusions. We aim to understand how to best communicate with someone by understanding their culture and values in terms of internal elements and their functionings.

Open Minded,
Open Medium

An open-minded, open medium approach is one that focuses on the strength of an idea, and never setting limitations as to where or how it is communicated. Considering the infinite variety among the messages, services, and products our clients offer, we always explore the medium of communication with an open mind and a desire to provoke your target market.